WCAS – Asset System Software

WCS Comprehensive Asset System (WCAS)


The WCAS Asset System software is currently under development. If you would like to trial this within your organization we would love your feedback. You can also check out our demo site here.



Equipment Register

Keep track of all your equipment, vehicles and all the details associated with them. Simple updating with the mobile scanner linked between mobile and desktop.

Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Keep up to date with maintenance and testing on all your vehicles and tools ensuring you stay compliant. Get email update so you never miss an event.

Documentaion Page

Liability Mitigation

No more forgetting to register your vehicles or scrambling to make list of stolen items. With this system you know what you have and where is it.

Home Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard provides access to all the categories and list of assets within the register.

Event Information Edit Page

Object Information

Keep all of the information you need on hand, for various situations and uses.

Vault Password Page

Password Vault

Company password vault, with the ability to share with different individuals within your organization. So no more passwords on pin-boards for prying eyes.

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